Ultrasound Detection Training

Ultrasound Detection Training by Failure Prevention Associates, Inc.

Ultrasound Training Outlines

Ultrasound Implementation Program Subjects

  • General understanding of ultrasound science and technology
  • Work with ultrasound expert to develop an effective strategy for your program
  • Define goals for the program, i.e. survey set-up, database set-up, etc.
  • Develop protocols and procedures for plant-specific inspections
  • Program is customized by client to suit their needs
  • One, two, three days or more

Failure Prevention Associates offers training for Level 1 certification in ultrasound detection. Level 2 certification courses have also been done and are currently in the planning stages.

Additionally, Failure Prevention Associates does Ultrasound Program Implementation. If your company:

  • already owns ultrasound equipment... but doesn't use it
  • uses ultrasound equipment... but feel you aren't utilizing its full potential
  • wants to build an effective program... but don't know where to begin
  • has a good program...but needs to train new employees
  • wants to expand its leak detection program to other applications
  • wants to set up ultrasound tracking points and routes
  • SDT's on-site implementation is an engineering assist that you customize to your needs

then FPA can help you implement a best practice ultrasound detection program. Contact us to discuss what you want to get from your program and we'll help create a customized strategy for an effective and long-lasting ultrasound program.