Field Balancing (In-place balancing) training

When the center of rotation is not equal to the center of mass, you have an unbalance condition. Shafts, Bearings, Bases & more suffer when unbalance is present

When your machine is shaking and you’re tired of replacing bearings with low hours.

Balance your machinery in-place and eliminate one of the most common sources of early bearing failure.

High levels of vibration can destroy bearings, cause hydraulic lines leak or break and cause support bolts to come loose or back out.


We have found that 85% of high vibration problems in ID fans come from unbalanced rotors.

The Solution

Field balancing will extend the life of your bearings and fix your problem with little down time. Shop balancing is another method, however the rotor is taking out the head and sent to a shop. This causes longer down time usually by days and generally costs more.

The Class

Learn how to perform balancing without removing the rotor. It is as easy as getting your tires balanced, but with field balancing you do not have to move the tire off the car.

Our two day class will provide you with the understanding and practical skills to safely perform balancing of rotating equipment. Learn how to tell if equipment resonance is causing the rotor to "look" imbalanced.

Learn where to add or subtract weight to achieve a smooth rotation and bring your equipment back into spec.