Training for Electric Motor Evaluation

Using electric motor and generator testing equipment, we train your personnel on 6 critical areas and in online and offline testing.


phase to phase resistance, inductance, impedance and current imbalance are used to determine if turn or phase shorts are present as well as faulty connections.


Identify cracked or broken rotor bars, porosity and high resistance connections on the end rings through motor current signature analysis and our rotor influence check.


Resistance to ground values for motor windings decrease as moisture and contamination increases.Air Gap:

Bowed shafts, cocked end rings and degraded journal bearings create magnetic imbalances. These imbalances sow up as 1st and 3rd sidebands around the eccentricity frequency or as a "bow tie" shape on the rotor influence check. Either way, FPA has an online and offline test to verify if your asset is eccentric.

Power Quality:

The power being fed to a motor is the fuel it needs to operate efficiently. Monitoring the three phases of voltage and current. It alerts you when an unhealthy condition exists with the power coming into your asset.

Power Circuit:

All connections, components, and cables between the MCC and the motor must be resistively balanced. Potential problems occur when loose or corroded connections are introduced in a circuit.