Online Condition Monitoring Tools 
Product Name Channels Sensors Additional ModBus
AS-320 Machinery Protection and Shutdown 10 or 20

(Proximity Probes 
Accelerometers, etc.)

Digital IN/OUT

AS-250 SpectraMon
Real-Time Dynamic Monitoring
Up to 50 sensors per bridge RF Sensor n/a Optional
AS-7000 64 IEPE, AC or DC  
Digital IN/OUT
API 670 complaint

AS-7000 Machinery Protection System

The AS-7000 is a high performance, efficient and flexible machinery protection system which not only meets, but exceeds API 670 5th edition guidelines. Far from a simple machinery monitor, the AS-7000 incorporates a duplicate signal path which integrates the signal analysis capabilities for which Alta Solutions is renowned; to provide the cleanest and most capable protection and analysis system yet.

API 670 5th edition complaint
Integrates powerful machine analysis
Modular system for easy upgrading and replacement
Uses standard and common wiring connectors
Support for multiple standard plant interfaces
Easy to install and maintain

AS-320 Vibration Monitor

The AS-320 represents the next generation of machinery vibration protection systems. All of the capabilities of a full rack-based protection system are available in a modular and cost effective package.


  • Real-time machinery vibration protection
  • 24/7 continuous machinery vibration monitoring
  • Modular and cost effective package
  • Inhibit and trip multiply inputs
  • Programmable relay and 4-20mA recorder outputs

Alarm Capabilities
Multiple alarm limits (danger, alert)
Fixed frequency band and speed-based alarms
Peak-to-peak, gap, overall alarm types
Advanced boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT)
Combine process inputs with dynamic criteria

Latching and non-latching Logic

AS-250 SpectralMon

The AS-250 SpectralMon provides advanced real-time monitoring and analysis with a powerful set of alarming criteria to detect changes in the dynamic signature of your critical machinery or process.

Protection Applications
  • Turbines (gas, hydro, steam)
  • Compressors
  • Cooling tower fans
  • FD and ID fans
  • Boiler feed pump
  • Circulation pumps


  • Real-time dynamic monitoring and analysis
  • Advanced alarming and event triggering
  • Digital recording for post-processing
  • Parallel data acquisition
  • Scalable and intelligent data storage (snapshots, trending)
  • Remote monitoring and off-line analysis
  • Multiple external interfaces (PI, Modbus, SQL)

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