We Understand, You Cannot Purchase “Reliability” Off The Shelf. 


About Failure Prevention Associates, LLC.

Where we started

About Predictive Maintenance Consultants at Failure Prevention Associates, Inc.

Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. was founded by Dr. Karl Hoffower in 2007 to help make Predictive & Condition Monitoring Maintenance programs become a reality for many more companies.

Since then, Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. has grown to have offices in California and Texas, with jobs and staff that fly all over the world helping companies with training, tools, software, predictive maintenance services and mentoring for condition based, reliability improvements. Whether the services are to solve one problem or to deliver ongoing condition monitoring service.  FPA has the expertise to help you get in front of unplanned downtime events.

Who we are

Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. (FPA) is comprised of staff certified in Vibration Analysis, Thermographics, Ultrasound Inspection, Electric Motor Testing, Field Balancing, Laser Alignment, and Reliability Centered Maintenance Practice.

Our staff have the "in-the-trenches" experience that comes from working in plants and repairing machinery.  That experience, combined with their training and certifications, allows FPA staff to rapidly analyze and report what condition based problems are present in your critical equipment.

We have also developed unique training programs based on our experience training and implementing a large number and variety of Reliability Centered maintenance programs so that the technicians we train get hands-on experience and practice with all of their tools and with discovering and repairing failure conditions.

Our certified experts also have the experience to work with your administrators and executives to implement your full programs.

Whether you are looking to optimize your maintenance to save money and increase efficiency, train your staff or implement a full program, our experts can deliver what you need to maximize your uptime and eliminate downtime, leading to better profits, and keeping your business in the black.

Around the clock, around the world, we come to you.

Mission, Vision & Values
Our approach emanates from the understanding that one cannot purchase “Reliability.”

The above is a simple statement. One that requires skill, training, experience and continual attention to the process in order to achieve more reliable processes and equipment.

Reliability is a state gained by the artful approach of having something not occur. We achieve this by delivering a culture of ownership and partnership with the client.

We work with our clients to foster a culture of collaboration between our staff and yours. 

We have the knowledge, relationships, access and experience to implement the major condition monitoring technologies into your plant.  FPA is not just a vibration analysis service company.

To help align FPA with the mission, vision and values of  client, we assign a project coordinator who ties our staff in partnership with Operations and Maintenance staff.  FPA plans to learn about your process and the critical equipment and failure modes unique to each process. 

By understanding the needs of the client, FPA can formulate which approach and application of condition monitoring services is proper (per your business case, environmental, safety and quality needs) to help you make risk based decisions from a position of knowledge.

Our goal is to prevent failures and avoid the collateral damage unplanned downtime creates.

For more details in how Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. can be a partner with your company to improve outcomes, please use the contact us form at the top of the page.

FPA Key Service Points

  • Multiple Value Return On Investment: A dedicated team assigned to your site, using the newest equipment leads to better diagnostics, which delivers better knowledge and understanding of your equipment and processes for better reliability and less maintenance dollar cost.
  • Access to innovations in technology: FPA is invited to speak at and attends national and regional conferences each year. We do this to stay aware of emerging technologies and approaches to improve our client outcomes. Keynote speaker at 2016 Gas Compressor conference, Presenter at: IMC, Reliability 2.0, Vibe Institute, TAPPI, Reliable Plant. Annual attendee at: TAMU-Turbo show, MaRS, Vibe Institute, Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals.
  • Access to Continuous Client Improvement Information: Working with a diverse client base, FPA discovers, invents and shares problem solving ideas on a wide array of assets and within different processes, all while respecting and protecting client trade secrets. The knowledge of successful changes and improvements helps your plant drive better outcomes.
  • Strong Partnerships: FPA staff will align to the mission, vision and values of our client’s. We assign a project coordinator who works to tie our staff in partnership with our client’s Maintenance and Operations staff. FPA plans to learn about your process, its critical equipment. We understand the failure modes unique to petrochemical reliability. FPA will attend weekly plant coordination meetings. This builds stronger ties with our client’s staff, helps FPA become part of the team and makes us more aware of how to constantly improve.
  • Cloud Report Storage & Notification: FPA provides a web based portal where vibration, thermal imaging, motor circuit, oil analysis, acceptance testing, and repair shop failure reports can be stored. By placing the information in one, easy to access online database, it increases efficiency for all concerned. Email notification can be sent to designated staff. FPA grants access to only those who need the info. Therefore, multiple levels of access can be granted to various staff members.
  • Standardized Methodologies: Integration and application of major standards and recommended practices by established organizations API, HI, ISO, ASNT.
  • Commitment to our Client’s: FPA makes significant investments in our people, diagnostic equipment, business software and network to continuously produce value in our offerings to client’s. We know you we need to earn your business every day. So we have a vested interest in staying informed about new advancements to insure our client’s receive best-in-class knowledge about their assets and the technologies that monitor them.
  • New technology: FPA holds OEM representation contracts for all major rotating equipment condition monitoring technologies: vibration analyzers, ultrasonic detectors, thermal imaging cameras, lubrication condition monitors and motor, generator & transformer testers. As a condition of these relationships, FPA must acquire the newest technology when it becomes available. This means we have the latest equipment, software and techniques for the best diagnostics of the health of your equipment.
  • Continuous Training: Under the review and approval of ASNT, FPA delivers certification training in vibration analysis, thermal imaging, motor circuit testing, ultrasound detection, laser alignment and field balancing. We can provide classes to your staff on Reliability and Condition Monitoring topics.
  • Nationwide Network of Alliance Partners: Participating in numerous conferences over the years, FPA has established relationships with subject matter experts, OEM solution groups and other PdM service providers. FPA leverages those relationships for problem solving, learning of process improvements, new technologies, and other advantages. Recent example - Client needed Out-Of-State OEM site visit for acceptance tests. FPA coordinated with a local SME to save the client off-site evaluation fees, travel expenses and most importantly time.
  • Safety Culture: FPA staff undergo HASC training, as well as additional OSHA/PSM training. These classes are reviewed, validated & annually updated by independent 3rd parties (ISN & PICs). We conduct background checks and random drug tests on our staff.
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility: FPA empowers client’s with knowledge about the health of their assets. This knowledge allows proactive measures to be implemented in a manner to improve client outcomes and reach their goals. Reliable assets are safer, cost less and refrain from creating environmental impacts. Helping our client’s realize these goals helps FPA fulfill its commitment to better our world.

Terms & ConditionsAbout Predictive Maintenance Consultants at Failure Prevention Associates, Inc.

Failure Prevention Associates, LLC, herein referred to as FPA, LLC., is incorporated in the great state of Texas.

FPA, LLC. offers condition monitoring tool systems, training on those systems or providing certified technicians to perform service using those systems to help you avoid unplanned downtime, collateral damage from complete failures and other types of avoidable maintenance losses.

In doing business with FPA, LLC. you and your company agree to name the County of Brazoria as the venue for filing and adjudicating disputes.

Recommendations from FPA, LLC. staff are based on generally accepted industry practices, information supplied by the manufacturers and past case histories. The end-user is solely responsible for the results of acting or not acting on information supplied by Predictive Maintenance (PdM) tool systems and/or FPA, LLC.

All PdM tool systems, trademarks, service marks and copyrights belong to their respective owners or manufacturers. All systems represented here for sale have unique and individual terms and conditions of sale. FPA, LLC. is a reseller and/or representative of a product. As such, FPA, LLC. does not manufacturer any equipment and cannot be held liable for the quality of said equipment. Warranty claims must be submitted to the manufacturer.

Upon delivery a copy of the terms and conditions of sale should be found with the equipment. If said terms and conditions are not found, it is the responsibility and burden of the end-user to contact FPA, LLC. or the respective manufacturer and request a copy of said terms and conditions. Failure to do so shall not relieve or absolve the end-user from being subject to the terms and conditions of sale.

Safe operation and obtaining of the desired results from a particular tool system is exclusively dependent upon following the instructions contained in the user guides for each system. Proper training in the use of the system has been found to improve results. Many systems achieve results from regular, consistent inspection with a comparison of past results to guide decision making, desired results and ultimately overall return on investment. Professional training classes and implementation assistance are available to help achieve the desired results. No claim or guarantee is made as to the actual results you may achieve when using the tools or systems offered for sale from FPA, LLC. Claims made by FPA, LLC. staff are solely a description of past results other end-users have revealed and are not a guarantee of what you may achieve currently and/or into the future.

Not detecting issues when properly trained and properly using a particular tool is in itself a valuable action. No claims shall be accepted nor compensated for. Even when after repeated use the desired results are not achieved.

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